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Gang Sheet Online Builder

Gang Sheet Online Builder

Watch - How To Build A Gang Sheet

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Build your own Gang Sheet

To ensure no color difference and good printing effect as your expectation, please certify your design file in 300 dpi resolution, CMYK mode, free of transparent pixels.

 How to order DTF Gang Sheets?

1. Select the length and quantity of sheets you needs

2. Click to use the Gang Sheet Builder and upload your design. Fill in your preferences from the given options such as:

a. Number of designs per sheet and size of each design.

b. Please leave enough room between designs for cutting.

c. Ensure you carefully review all the details, so you get exactly what you need.

3. Add to Cart

After you’re satisfied with your customizations, click on "Add to Cart". This will take you to the next stage where you’ll be asked to review and proceed to payment.

Shipping & Reprint Policy

Free shipping on order over $100.

Shipping within the same day or pickup by yourself in California.

We are committed to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your purchase! If you aren’t completely happy with your order, please reach out to us within 30 days of receiving your items. We would be more than happy to discuss a refund or reprint.

We assure you, if there is a problem with the print quality or if the print doesn’t stick well, we’ll reprint your order at no extra cost. However, please note that we can’t offer a reprint if the print issue arose due to a low-quality file that was uploaded by you.

How to Press DTF Transfers ?

*Please note: Since all heat presses vary in terms of temperature and pressure, below are general guidelines. If this is your first time ordering with us, we do recommend ordering a few extra designs for use in determining optimal temp, time and pressure for your press. A household iron will not work on these transfers.


Pre-Press garment for 5 seconds (prior to applying image), this step helps remove wrinkles and any potential moisture trapped in the fabric.

1st Press: 300-310 degrees for 10-15 seconds medium pressure with image in proper placement. Each heat press does vary and some experimenting may be necessary for optimal results.

Peel Cold The transfer should cool completely to the touch before removing the film. (rubbing the film with cloth is recommended)

2nd Press: Cover with Teflon (for shiny look) or parchment paper (for matte look), 300-310 degrees for 5-10 sec, medium pressure.

Note: Firm and even pressure is important for good adhesion, avoid any pocket/seams/buttons/zipper/etc. within the press area

Polyester/Blend Fabric: Lower the temperature 300-310 degrees & shorten time 3-8 seconds, as these fabrics absorb heat at much faster rate. You can press multiple times if the transfer is not adhering to the fabric.

100% Polyester: Lower the temperature to 250-285 degrees & shorten press time to 3-8 seconds, this fabric can take some tweaking with your press to determine the best time, temp and pressure. We suggest practicing to determine the proper settings. You can press multiple times if the transfer is not adhering to the fabric, just allow the fabric time to cool in between.

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Carnado Brown

Everything was correct, except for two logos that were turned backwards. But hey it was okay , we all make mistakes . But other than that everything was good. FRFR.